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Welcome to the website for the polimeters. Our goal is to monitor the fulfillment of election promises in Canada and Quebec with periodical updates. Click here to access the Trudeau polimeter and here to access the Couillard polimeter. Click here to acces the archived Harper polimeter and here to access the Marois polimeter.

Each election promise is rated as "kept", "kept in part or in the works", "broken", or "not yet rated". Each rating is supported by a citation drawn from government press releases, government bills, other official public documents or media sources. 

Current polimetres are updated on a regular basis by members of the Centre for Public Policy Analysis at Laval University. Our researchers are politically independent. The polimeters are funded by grants from the Fonds de recherche québécois société et culture, one to support research teams ((Centre for Public Policy Analysis) and the other for strategic partnerships  (Centre for the Study of Democratic Citizenship).

Please click here for details on the methodology underlying our ratings. Your questions and comments are welcome. Click here to access data In Excel format on the fulfillment of election promises by past governments in Ottawa and Quebec, and here to see members’ publications in which these data are analyzed.

We want to hear your suggestions and comments. For tips or comments on our election promise database, please e-mail us at polimetre@capp.ulaval.ca. If you are commenting on a specific promise, please include the wording of the promise.

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